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Tuesday’s Politics thread is getting impatient

Tantric justice (NIGHT THREAD) is getting harder to bear. I’m currently waiting for Barr’s post-hoc OLC memo he had drafted to justify not indicting a sitting president for obstruction of justice to drop. This would be from Judge Jackson’s benchslap she delivered last week. AG Garland has until the end of the day today to release it, so I’ve been putting off writing this until it drops. No joy as of 9:35pm EDT.


Loving Joy-Ann Reid’s new twitter handle Joy-Ann (Democracy Fan) and this thread about the shenanigans Desantis pulled:

Juuuuuust hitting refresh on Twitter every two minutes hoping that memo will drop. Or The Idiot gets indicted. Or his kids do. Or Allen Weisselberg flips. Or Pompeo gets wrapped up in something. Or Giuliani finally goes down. Or somebody, ANYBODY, pays some kid of price for the shit they pulled for the last four years.

Are we there yet? I’m tired. Can we stop at McDonald’s with a Playland? I’m thirsty. I have to go to the bathroom.

And now I’m annoying myself. Take a pee break. Get some more coffee, and get that muffin you were eying, you deserve it. Throw out that ketchup in the back of the fridge, it’s nasty. And throw anything else you find in there wearing a sweater.

ETA!!!! Important thread from Jen Taub on the partial release of that damn OLC memo: