The Unchained Melody Day Thread (5/22)

Unchained Melody was written in 1955 by Alex North and Hy Zaret for an obscure prison film titled Unchained. It’s been recorded over 1,500 times by 670 artists, from Liberace to LeAnn Rimes, Willie Nelson to George Benson, and even Elvis Presley. But the most famous version was recorded by The Righteous Brothers in 1965.

One interesting thing about the Righteous Brothers version is that singer Bobby Hatfield made a change to the song, singing the “I need your love” line near the end much higher than it had been sung in previous versions. Most covers of the song from then on stuck closer to Hatfield’s version of the line.

The song enjoyed a resurgence in 1990 when it was featured in a slightly less obscure film, Ghost.

You may be wondering why I’ve chosen to highlight this song today. Musically, it’s not really in my wheelhouse (though it is in my music library, for reasons which will become obvious), and Ghost was OK, I guess. Well, 50 years ago today, Ma and Pa Krellis got married. And Unchained Melody was the first song they danced to.

So I wish a very happy 50th anniversary to my parents today. (Big ass party to celebrate coming in 2 weeks.)

If you haven’t already, get vaccinated as soon as you can. Keep washing your hands and using hand sanitizer, avoid large crowds, post cat pictures (both here and in the Pet Thread, I don’t want to steal any of Jake’s thunder), and be excellent to each other.