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Tuesday’s Politics thread is back baby!

I was on vacation last week and now I’m back. It was a strange mix, people. Beware of yourself getting back out there. I know there are all kinds of mixed messages about masks and whatnot, and I know I usually save this bit for the end, but I really mean it: Be Gentle With Yourselves.

So, what else is going on out there? This seems like a good thing, I hope it sticks. I don’t care what side of the conflict any one is on here, throwing more weapons into the mix is not how this problem gets solved.

Can you die of schadenfreude? I should find out, because if Collude-y Rudy takes down this bunch, I might be in trouble.

And this story is crazy (if it’s behind a paywall, an NC appeals judge drove by a BLM protest twice, and on the second go-around, ran his car up on the curb. He says the protesters swarmed his car, video says otherwise).

Anyway, there are some things to get the convo going today. I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about though. Be kind, be KIND, BE KIND DAMMIT, to yourselves and to others. Reduced mask-wearing has everybody on tenterhooks. We are all stretched too far and too thin. You left your coffee cup in the microwave, it’s cold again. Why don’t you just make yourself a fresh cup? You earned it.