Comic Book Review – The Silver Coin #2

The Silver Coin #2

Writer – Kelly Thompson

Artist – Michael Walsh

“Girls of Summer”

I attended Eide’s Anniversary Sale on Friday and I got my new comics for 30 percent off! I pre-ordered Silver Coin #2 but decided to pick it up and read it. My friends at the Comic Burrito said that this issue would be right up my alley as a horror lover, and they were right!

Kelly Thompson’s story features Fiona, a young girl attending summer camp. She is not welcomed by the girls that comprise Destiny Bunk and they do what they can to make her life a living hell with constant bullying and harassment. One night, the girls cut off Fiona’s ponytail while she sleeps. Fiona wakes up and runs into the woods crying. She finds an abandoned cabin with a machete and the silver coin attached to the handle. She has the perfect instrument for revenge, but will she use it to her advantage?

Take Mean Girls and mash it up with slasher classics like Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th and you’ll get the latest episode in this miniseries. Horror fiends need to pick this up immediately. The men that created the Comics Code Authority would be spinning around in their graves at the sight at some of the panels in this issue. This one isn’t for the faint of heart and you have been warned!

The story is fast-paced and took no time at all to read from cover to cover. I never usually talk about colors in comic art but the palette that Walsh uses makes the story have a dreamlike quality to it.

My hope is that one day soon The Silver Coin makes the leap from page to screen. I could see it giving the rebooted Creepshow a run for its money.

This issue gets the coveted five machetes out of five. It will make your blood run cold even as Summer begins to heat up here in the States. Keep this adage in the back of your mind: big girls don’t cry, they get even. First it was Pamela Voorhees, then it was Angela Baker. Will Fiona Watterman join their esteemed company? Where will the coin end up next? Let’s see…

Next Issue – After a home invasion goes bad, the mysterious coin helps its new owners outrun the law. But it’s leading them down a path much darker.