Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (5/18)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place on the Avocado to talk about film! Have you seen anything new recently? Discovered an old classic? Share your movie experiences with your fellow film connoisseurs here!

Mr. Mom

Over the past year, movie watching has been … lets say, different.

Theaters were closed. Most of us watching new releases — if we were even doing that — were watching it at home. Some of has had some decently sized screens to watch them one. Some of us caught the latest streaming releases and watched them on laptop screens. Or perhaps the goal was for a far more person experience: catching movies on your cellphone screen.


Then there are all the different streaming services that air films, each one following the muse of different release models. Hbo Max had a same day release schedule for subscribers. Disney Plus had some hybrid model, with some new releases free and some others under a premium fee. Netflix, Prime, and Hulu all released films for varying quality.

Then there are the back catalogues to all the services, which are more or less crapshoots.

Today’s bonus prompt: how did you watch movies over the past year when theaters weren’t available? What is the best streaming service for watching movies?

Next week: films ruined by the ending