The Day Thread Gets Familiar (5/16/21)

The best thing about Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (recently remastered for PS4 and Switch) is that Oliver, the main character, collects familiars throughout his travels. Is it a little concerning that the young protagonist, a visitor from another world, keeps a “stable” of native creatures to fight for him? Yes. But who cares when you get to keep them,

The answer to “Keep the stabber?” is always yes.

and name them,

I named this one Jim.

and “pamper” them by feeding them treats to make them love you.

That’s right, Fluffkin. Eat the cupcake. Be my thrall.

The best familiar, obviously, is Puss in Boats, who evolves from Purrloiner, to Cutpurrse, to, at long last,

I will never make you fight, Nick Furry. Never!

Anyway, it’s a pretty great game. Now have a great day, Avocados!