Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2005-2008: Final Results And Housekeeping


PortalStill Alive1910Persona 4Heartbeat, Heartbreak

We have our champion! Some might call it predictable; Still Alive was the runaway favorite in group play, was a common pre-tournament prediction, and cruised in these last few matchups. But it wasn’t always an easy path; it all came down to a tiebreaker back in the top 128, and despite the implications of the title this is in fact the first time a number 1 overall seed has won this tournament. And with Still Alive reclaimed as a classic, may the cake jokes never cease! It’s 2007 all over again baybeeeeee!

Third Place:

Umineko When They CryDreamenddischarger1115Super Mario GalaxyGusty Garden Galaxy

It may not be gold, but Gusty Garden Galaxy gets a consolation prize with third place, or “Nintendo first”, as we call it around these parts.

And that’s it! Another tournament under wraps. 24 song groups turned out to be pretty popular, and had overwhelming support even after group play was done, so I think I’ll be sticking with that going forward. I’ll throw up some voting in the comments over playoff size; did you like expanding to a top 384? Do you think it was too many, and we should go back to 256 (cutting 8 weekdays from the playoffs)? Do you think it was too few, and we should go all the way to 512 (adding 8 weekdays)? Or do you have an even spicier take?

Regardless, the next tournament will cover 2009-2012, and nominations will open up on June 7th. See you then!