Best Video Game Song Tournament, 2005-2008: Top 32

Round 5! We’re low enough that every song is up every day. So if there’s any songs left you kinda hate, I’m sorry.

Since it’s the playoffs, groups will be active until 9:00 AM Pacific the day after they post,1 or for roughly 24 hours. You can listen to a playlist of today’s songs (in matchup order) here.


Voting will be live until Thursday, May 6th at 9:00AM Pacific

Previous Round Results:

Super Mario GalaxyComet Observatory 3712Kingdom Hearts IIPassion
Kingdom Hearts IIDarkness of the Unknown810Persona 3Living with Determination
Phoenix Wright: Ace AttorneyPressing Pursuit (Cornered, 2001)126Super Smash Bros. BrawlBramble Blast
Super Smash Bros. BrawlTetris: Type B119Persona 4Reverie
Super Mario GalaxyGusty Garden Galaxy108Lost OdysseyDark Saint
Super Mario GalaxySpace Junk Galaxy1010*Final Fantasy XIIGiza Plains
Persona 3Battle for Everyone’s Souls115Rhythm TengokuThe Bon Odori
Mega Man Battle Network 6Surge of Power! (Boss Theme)106Nanostray 2Daitoshi Station
Persona 3 FESMass Destruction (FES Version)710Persona 3Changing Seasons
Ys: The Oath in FelghanaSeal of Time79Sigma HarmonicsRippling Dream
Mirror’s EdgeStill Alive [Junkie XL Mix]710Mega Man 9Dr. Wily Stage 1
Aoi ShiroDrawing Water116Wild Arms 5A Boy Meets a Girl and ARMS
Omega FiveThe Escalated Invasion [STAGE 2]711Super Smash Bros. BrawlMute City
Shadow of the ColossusPrologue713Persona 4Heartbeat, Heartbreak
Persona 4Backside of the TV11*11Shadow of the ColossusThe Farthest Land (Reprise)
Professor Layton and the Curious VillageLayton’s Theme (Live Version)118Super Paper MarioCastle Bleck

Two ties. And you know we’re getting deep in the tournament because they’re in the double digits! Giza Plains and Backside of the TV advance to the top 32.

Fun Facts:


Top 32 By Game:

3 Songs: (3 Games)

  • Persona 4 [-1]
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl [-1]
  • Persona 3 

2 Songs: (2 Games)

  • Wild Arms 5 [-1]
  • Sigma Harmonics 

1 Song: (19 Games)

  • Shadow of the Colossus [-3]
  • Kingdom Hearts II [-2]
  • Super Mario Galaxy [-2]
  • The World Ends With You [-2]
  • Mega Man 9 [-1]
  • Ys: The Oath in Felghana [-1]
  • Aoi Shiro
  • Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica 
  • Castlevania Judgment
  • Civilization IV
  • Final Fantasy XII 
  • Mega Man Battle Network 6 
  • Odin Sphere
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time & Darkness 
  • Portal
  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village 
  • Umineko When They Cry 
  • Wii Sports 

Remember The Fallen (18 games):

  • Castle Crashers
  • Castlevania: Curse of Darkness 
  • Deathsmiles 
  • Lost Odyssey 
  • Mass Effect 
  • Mirror’s Edge 
  • Nanostray 2
  • Omega Five
  • Persona 3 FES 
  • Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
  • Rhythm Tengoku 
  • Super Paper Mario 
  • The Lord of the Rings Online 
  • Trails in the Sky SC 
  • Trails in the Sky the 3rd 
  • We Love Katamari 
  • Wild Arms 4
  • Word of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King 

Well, the era of top dog Shadow of the Colossus is over before it began, as it plummets down to the one-song tier. Our traditional triumvirate topping the tracking is back, with Personae 3 & 4 tied with Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the 3 song tier. And since we’re saying goodbye to FES, this is a true tie.

Wild Arms 5 and Sigma Harmonics are our only other multi-song games; can they hope to shake things up?

Top 32 By Platform:

PS2: 14 songs (9 games)
Wii: 6 songs (4 games)
DS: 6 songs (5 games)
PC: 3 songs (3 games)
Multiplatform: 2 songs (2 games)
GBA: 1 song (1 game)

The 360 and the Arcade are sadly departing us, but the GBA is still holding strong in what will be its last tournament. Meanwhile, there are no surprises about the top 3; at this point the main intrigue is when/if the PS2 can claim half the remaining spots.