Battle of the YouTube Stars – Finals

We’ve reached the Grand Finale of a YouTube Tournament. The Final Four gave us two relatively close battles – as Jenny Nicholson defeated Todd in The Shadows by just 32-26, while ProZD triumphed in a photo finish 33-32 over Lindsay Ellis. I don’t think this is the final match-up that would have been expected at the start of the tournament – but personally, I’m pretty happy with these two as Final Representatives of the Avocado’s YouTube taste.

Jenny Nicholson is generally aligned with the League of Pop-Culture Essayists – but has a completely different style that as has been pointed out, harkens back to the old school vloggers. When I first watched her it took a bit for this to work for me, but what ultimately clicked was her sense of humor and her willingness to dive in like an obsessive fan (straddling the line between irony and genuine enthusiasm) into her subjects.

ProZD (SungWon Cho) also feels like more of an old school YouTuber, having made his fame with very short comedy skits. I do think this style of comedy is as popular on the current Internet as it was in the days of Vine. ProZD’s appeal to our community is obviously in the open nerdiness of an interests, but his content is also elevated by his genuine talent as a voice actor (which he has a serious career going in).

But it’s up to the community to decide who will be crowned the Avocado’s YouTube champion, so please vote for your favorite below (and you can vote for the consolation prize between Lindsay and Todd in the Shadows). You can check out the Tournament Bracket here: