It’s the Blaze Foley Day Thread

I love me some of this troubadour. He wrote just about the most lonesome song I think I know.

He’s nothing if not on point

When my wife hears me listening to Blaze she at best rolls her eyes, at worst asks if I’ve been drinking. Regardless, no less a luminary as John Prine had this to say:

I don’t usually sing other people’s songs, cuz I can barely sing my own…and I listened to him sing this song and it just about blew me right outta my chair. I thought, “My God…I shoulda stayed awake some night and wrote that”

You and me both John. I mean, I was this close otherwise. I just spent too much time on the ‘Cado.

The only thing holding me back is this posting.

My staning aside, this is a fantastic recording of one of the most arresting songs I can think of. When he first breaks into the refrain the world stands still for a moment.

Anyway, be well. Find somebody who sees daylight in your eyes.