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Wax On – Cobra Kai 107 ‘All Valley’

Welcome to episode 107 of Cobra Kai! Just a reminder, please do not discuss anything further than this episode (including actors who will be in the show in the future) without putting it under the SPOILER tag.

We see Robby hard at work at LaRusso Auto..and at every turn, being corrected on his work by Daniel. From waxing the cars, to stapling forms, everything demands Daniels correction and attention to detail.

I know what Daniel’s doing here, but I personally feel like I would have murdered him at a certain point.

But all is forgiven once Daniel and Robby hit the dojo and Daniel says ‘show me, waxing the cars’. As it all comes together for Robby, he looks at Daniel, astonished, wide-eyed, to which Daniel smiles knowingly as they bow to each other.

At Cobra Kai, Johnny is going up and down the rows, correcting the kids forms, when he notices a kid flinch as he turns.

‘Raise your hand if you’ve never been punched in the face.’ he demands, then groans at how many have their hands up (can’t help but notice both Aisha and Miguel have their hands down).

‘Okay Aisha, let’s unflinch this bunch.’ Aisha steps forwards to the front of the class, cracking her knuckles. The boy in front of her sighs, resigned, just before fist hits face. Ow.

Sitting in his office having a quick (beer) break, Johnny is idly flipping through a karate magazine when he sees it:

ALL VALLEY UNDER 18! MAY 19th Enter Now!
Well I’m sure that’s not going to be important to the plot or anything, let’s move on to fourteen hours of Johnny doing drywall.

Miguel walks into the office (I love how casual Miguel and Johnny are with each other, it’s sweet) to get some advice.
‘So there’s this girl..’ says Miguel.
‘Hot?’ says Johnny.
‘She’s smart.’
‘..Funny and cool….’
‘Yes she’s hot, super hot.’ says Miguel, grinning ear to ear.

Johnny tells him to go for it, there is no no.
‘Pretty sure no means no.’ says Miguel.
‘Well yeah, no means no when it gets physical, but all the babes wanna be with a Cobra Kai.’
Johnny, you literally just resurrected your damn snake dojo five seconds ago, where is this false confidence coming from??
I guess it’s contagious, because when Miguel sees the ALL VALLEY ad in the magazine, he thinks they should enter. Now it’s Johnny who protests and Miguel who’s raring to go.

Robby’s loser friends show up at work, and while stealing his fries, say that they should all team up to steal the cars. But Robby likes it at LaRusso Auto, he’s got respect and friendship and a mentor/father figure/karate sensei. He’s not interested in rocking the boat. Too bad say his loser friends, if he doesn’t help them, they’re gonna beat him up.
Why did you become friends with these assholes Robby, why???
So takes some photos of the cars license plates, then reverses his picture finder to take a video of Amanda LaRusso signing in on the keypad.
Oh Robby. What are you doing??

Miguel is brainstorming with Aisha and Hawk for the perfect date idea. ‘Get matching tattoos!’ suggest Hawk, flipping off his gi and showing off the new one on his back: a hawk with wings spread wide, a blue mohawk on it’s head.

‘No ragrets!’

They’re interrupted by Johnny shouting over the phone at someone. Seems there’s a lifetime ban on Cobra Kai entering the tournament! Miguel tells him he has to fight it ‘What happened to ‘there is no no?’

‘That was for girls, this is for real life.’ Again, your grasp of reality isn’t always the best Johnny.

‘You have to fight this!’
Johnny nods. He’s inspired, he’s resolute. ‘You’re right. I’m going to go down there and beat their asses.’

As entertaining as that would be, Miguel talks him down, suggesting he go speak to the committee instead of using violence. Remember kids, violence can solve problems, but it will also create new ones, and restraining orders are always a possibility.

Daniels taken Robby to the bonsai tree storage area to trim them up, much to Amandas amusement. ‘You’re letting him touch the bonsais? Wow, that’s like third base for you babe.’ she quips.
Daniel grins, it’s clear he’s fully into the whole father figure/mentor thing with Robby, and Robby is soaking it all up like a sponge, poor kid.

He has never had someone in his life who really cared about him, and he’s thriving under all this attention. Only for his peace to be broken by a text from the loser friends, reminding him to follow up…or else. What to do, what to do…

Miguel is waiting by Sams locker to ask her out. He is so nervous I think he’s going to vibrate through the wall or vomit, or possibly both.
He asks her out and she gently turns him down (understandable, since she just broke up with Kyler). But as he’s walking away, he hears Johnnys voice. ‘Never accept defeat.’ So he suggests a ‘not date’, to which Sam agrees.

Getting ready for his presentation to the committee, Johnny has combed his hair in the most unflattering way possible, as well as putting on a terrible looking suit and tie. He’s even rescued a briefcase from a dumpster to speak to finish off his ‘look’ because he is apparently half raccoon.

He’s also worried about losing his temper, but Miguel advises him to just make a fist like he’s going to punch, but not punch. Miguel talks about his ideas for a date, which Johnny rolls his eyes at, then asks if he’s going to kiss her. Poor Miguel splutters and gawps at the idea, asking if he has to. ‘Sure, you could talk about all the other guys who had the balls to kiss her, then you can braid her hair and talk about emotions.’ ‘Shit.’ Miguel exclaims. I’m really grateful people are letting teenagers swear in media now, it’s more realistic. Most teenagers I’ve known swore as if curse words were running out.
It’s also touching how close Miguel and Johnny are now, a father-son relationship rather than a mentor/student one. Too bad he can’t do better with Robby, but I guess it’s because the stakes are lower for Johnny when it comes to Miguel. He got to skip the horrible poo/larva stage that young kids go through, didn’t have to hold him and dry his tears, didn’t have to-
You know what, I’m starting to depress myself, let’s move on.
Turns out Johnny has the perfect date idea for Miguel, Golf n’ Stuff!

I gotta say, Sam and Miguels date looks super cute. I finally get those parents who take pictures of their kid before they go on a date. I was a pretty big fan of mini-golf before the pandemic, but now I’d practically leap out the door to go (if, y’know, I didn’t live in a huge hot spot in Canada, but a girl can dream)

Now this might have been too cheesy for any other rich girl, but Sam is overjoyed! Apparently this place is a good memory for her, her dad used to take her here all the time (oh rily?)
Miguel and she cheat at the golf course (but it’s mutual cheating done with fun), take pictures in the photobooth, win a stuffed octopus, and bond over the Lakers. There’s a bit of an awkward moment when Sam talks about having half court seats and Miguel looks rueful. It’s clear the money thing kinda threw him for a second. But he recovers gracefully, spinning out a tall tale about being in textiles that makes Sam smile.

After sharing a basket of fries, Miguel shows Sam his moves. Well, he tries to show her a move, but she does this little hop thing, and wham! Miguel is flat on the ground.
‘That was amazing Sam!’ he says, in awe. Miguel is the best, seriously. He didn’t get pissy, or resent her for getting the upper hand. He’s happy, giddy even.
Sensei Sam’ the girl answers sweetly. ‘This was the best non-date ever.’
And they share a kiss. These two! Adorable, forgetabboutit.

The karate tournament committee is having a furious debate as Johnny walks in. Those of you who’ve ever had to moderate a website (achem) or work in small down politics may feel a sense of déjà vu at the pointlessness and small stakes involved here. What are they fighting over? Changing the colour of the mats, god help me. ‘The fighting is so fierce because the prizes are so small’ as my husband would say.

Okay now that that’s settled, let’s talk about number 2 vs number 1 pencils

Johnny enters, saying he’d like to fight the ban on Cobra Kai. But wait! A challenger appears! It seems that none other than Daniel LaRusso is here to fight Johnnys appeal. Daniel, you already raised the guys rent, can’t you just leave well enough alone?
Well obviously the answer is ‘no’ because when has Daniel LaRusso ever left well enough alone. He brings out pictures, full glossys that he must have had printed out, of his second tournament fight, saying that Terry Silver and John Kreese were bad news. Johnny answers that John Kreese is dead, and he’s never heard of Terry Silver.

Well I hadn’t either! Let’s look this up in the wiki…
Okay, he’s from TKK3. I’ve never seen that one, let me look it up….

Terry Silvers job is what.
They demolish Daniels apartment complex??
Who is Mike Barnes?
Mike Barnes said WHAT??
A cliff???
Oh my god that whole plot read like a fever dream. OH MY GOD.
That was a movie…that got MADE. With MONEY. REAL MONEY.
Clearly I’m in the wrong business.

Okay so long story short, some gaslighting Captain Planet villain, who was an army buddy of Kreese, tricked Daniel into entering the tournament in 1985.

Robby meets his loser friends at the dealership, but refuses to let them in to steal cars. The dudes try to beat him up, and at first, Robbys karate is strong…but he’s still a beginner. He soon realizes he’s out of his depth, and maneuvers so that the jerks have their faces captured on the security camera. Annoyed, but defeated (for now), the friends leave.

Daniel is ranting about Cobra Kai, and Johnny is trying trying trying to hold his temper. And makes a fist, just like Miguel suggested! Good tip Miguel my guy, nicely done.

I am Johnnys anger management.

‘My sensei didn’t alway play by the rules, and that’s why I left. But my Cobra Kai is different. It’s a place where kids can come and feel like they belong. Where they won’t get picked on because they’re a bunch of losers, um, because they’re unique.’
The committee looks impressed (Daniel looks disgusted), and tell Johnny they’ll have to vote on it.
Johnny waits outside with baited breath. After a while, an exasperated Daniel comes out, offering Johnny congratulations.

Cobra Kai is back baby!

Elated, Johnny returns to the dojo and puts up the poster, celebrating with a high kick (again, it is so hard to high kick in dress pants), a banquet and some classic rock. Miguel rushes in with a big smile on his face.

‘Guess who’s the man?’

‘I’m the man! Oh shit, you’re the man??’ says Johnny.

‘I crushed the date!’ Miguel exclaims.

‘I crushed the committee meeting!’

The two of them hug, and it’s just giving me the warm and fuzzies how they’ve really brought out the best in each other.

‘I’m gonna grab a soda, do you want a banquet?’ asks Miguel, but Johnny shakes his head, and breaks out the good stuff, a bottle of (something??) he had stashed in his filing cabinet. As you do.

‘To Cobra Kai! Never accept defeat.’

Cobra Callbacks:

There is a lifetime ban on Cobra Kai being in the tournament because of the actions of Terry Silver in TKK3
-Daniel teaching Robby to trim the bonsais like Mr. Miyagi taught him.
-Daniel giving Robby chores so he develops muscle memory
-Mr. Miyagis Little Trees
-Young Hearts’ by Commuter plays during the Golf n’ Stuff date.
-Golf and Stuff of course

-The All Valley Tournament

Snake Bytes:

from a Looper article.

‘On season 1 episode 7 of Cobra Kai, “All Valley,” Johnny tells Miguel (Xolo Maridueñato take his date, Sam LaRusso (Mary Mouser), to his old stomping grounds. Fans of The Karate Kid no doubt knew what was in store, as the next scene shows Miguel and Sam pulling up to the putt-putt golf courseGolf N’ Stuff. 

Despite the series taking place in California, Golf N’ Stuff is actually a real location, and you can really go there to play some mini-golf (a seemingly innocent game with super creepy origins) … provided you’re in Georgia. Golf N’ Stuff scenes are filmed at Fun Spot America, a real theme park featuring rides, an arcade, and even go-karts. It’s been a staple in the area for years, and honestly, it’s a pretty great place to take your date even if you don’t have a big karate tournament coming up. 

The park is suitable for kids and adults of all ages. There are plenty of kiddie rides as well as roller coasters, but when it comes time for Miguel and Sam’s date, the focus is squarely on mini-golf. The scene practically mirrors the one in the original Karate Kid, and if you and your sweetheart are fans of either the films or Cobra Kai, then you can act it out on your own at Fun Spot America. ‘

Miguel and Sam are pretty cute together, but I said that already.