“Russian Doll” American Dad S18 Ep2

Stan becomes infatuated with a doll.

The Russians are doing shit again! (and they dance like this!)

Stan gets the assignment to pick up a doll and they plan it to place a microphone in it to listen to a Russian mob boss. Anything to get out of work

But Stan being Stan instead starts to confide in the doll and think it’s a real girl.

This crazy train Stan boards on throws a monkey wrench into the CIA’s plan. Stiles is sent to retrieve the doll, but is Stan stops him and goes on the run who goes on the run.

But only until the CIA finds him again thanks to his Yelp review

Stan becomes despondent at the loss of his doll friend, so he has to gather a team of professionals (other dolls actually ) to rescue her.

The team is successful infiltrating the to the mansion, killing they guards they encounter.

Stan does find the doll with the little girl of the Russian agent the CIA wants to spy on.

He realized that little girl’s mother treats her exactly as his own mother treated him when he started playing with dolls. He returns the doll to the little girl , the team blows up her mother with a car bomb and the CIA celebrates a mission accomplished

B Plot

Roger needs his taxes done. Klaus prepares tax returns. Hilarity ensues

Apparently beating a man with a tire iron in a stadium parking lot is tax deductible ?
Ricky Spanish pays taxes?!?!?!?
Who didn’t see this coming?

C Plot

A mysterious stranger has been murdering members of the boy band Boyz 12

Bonus Rogu !!!!