Comic Book Review – Godzilla Monsters and Protectors #1

Godzilla Monsters and Protectors #1

Writer – Erik Burnham

Artist – Dan Schoening

As much as I love the Big Two, I always like trying new series from other companies. I really liked Dan Schoening’s rendition of Godzilla on this cover and it made me pick it up from the comics rack.

Cedric Nishimura is an eighth-grade student living in Tokyo with his parents. This issue reveals how he and his friends were able to save the world from Godzilla’s path of wholesale and wanton destruction. Before he tells us how he and his pals were triumphant in their endeavor, he goes into detail about what triggered the King of the Monsters rise from the oceans’ depths. Linival Corporation has used the newly discovered Element Number 131 to bring clean energy to the world. Their new power plant is brought online to much fanfare. Cedric explains the negative effect the energy has on the environment and how it led to Godzilla awakening from his long slumber and destroying the corporation’s power plants across the globe.

IDW Publishing struck while the iron was hot by releasing this series shortly after the release of Godzilla vs Kong. It’s an all ages book that parents can enjoy with their kids. The design of Godzilla is reminiscent of his cartoon incarnation from the 1970s. I need to watch that at some point when I can find some time to do so.

The original Godzilla film was a cautionary tale released in the time of the Atomic Age, when the nuclear arms race was heating up between the United States and the rest of the world. Cedric mentions that his Uncle Ken believes Godzilla is like Earth’s immune system and that when something bad happens that could affect the planet, Godzilla shows up and fights it. I like that theory very much. It makes you think back to all of the other monsters he has faced in the past.

There are a few Easter Eggs from previous adventures of Godzilla to keep an eye out for throughout the issue. There is a panel towards the end of the issue that reveals which other monsters may be popping up during the course of this series.

As much as I liked this issue, the $4.99 price point is a little steep. On the plus side, there are no ads in the story and you get a few additional art pinups at the conclusion of the issue. I’ll call it a win, now that I think about it.

This comic is full of fun moments and action that’s appropriate for the whole family. I like the social commentary aspect of the story and the possibility that Godzilla may destroy humanity if it doesn’t change its ways. A future smackdown between monsters is looming and one I’m looking forward to seeing. I give this issue three Atomic Breath Blasts out of five.

Next IssueGodzilla Monster Protectors #2 will be released Wednesday May 19, 2021. You can read the solicitation for the next issue here.