30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 24: Babylon 5 Vs Deep Space Nine

Though the debates in certain aspects to this have been settled long again, Babylon 5 arrived on February 22nd, 1993 and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine arrived on January 3rd, 1993. And though the two series had a number of similarities in the broad sense back at the time – sending usenet groups into a tizzy – both went in very different directions overall as the years went on.

The last few years have seen DS9 go from the misunderstood member of the family that had a strong but small fanbase to it into one that has become incredibly relevant for many as they were able to stream it and binge in a way that worked better than for other properties in the Star Trek catalog as it became very serialized as time went on. 

With Babylon 5, it only this year truly became very easy to stream and accessible and is getting a lot of renewed attention.

Where do you land on these two shows, their histories, the fan-debates and animosity, and just whether the shows hold up after all this time?

Bonus Question: Which would you want to see a sequel series to or some sort of continuation?