WW 150: Fringe – Day 4


All was quiet as the agents went home. But not Agent Hououin. He was neither quiet nor headed home. His maniacal laughter was so loud that everyone would be able to hear them had they made the mistake of staying around in the building.

“Ah ha ha! I’ve finally done it!” he exclaimed. “They thought that this microwave was just for their breakfast burritos, but it can actually send messages to the past! Ha, and they called me mad.”

As he marveled over his newfound creation, two beings in suits approached him, unbeknownst to him.

“A machine such as this…”

“Yes, it could be useful to them.”

“Though it would not prevent what happens next.”

“A thousand different outcomes, but all leading to the same conclusion.”

“His existence is irrelevant.”

And with that, Agent Hououin was never again seen.

Raven and Rose/Kyouma Hououin has been erased from existence. She was an Agent of Fringe Division (PRIME UNIVERSE vanilla town).

Meanwhile, a cat on a robot vacuum cleaner was busy in her lab. Making medicine for her fellow agents was a lot of work, and she wanted to make more batches to come in handy down the road.

While she paced back and forth on the Roomba, a thought came to her. She headed over her vials and test tubes to test her theory when a syringe came from behind. As she started to deteriorate, she tried desperately to get the right chemicals together to cure herself, but it was too late–her last batch was given to another.

SheleetaHam/Ro-Cat-bot Vacuum has died. She was Walter Bishop (PRIME UNIVERSE town doctor).

Meanwhile, a humourless agent found himself back on familiar ground.

“This paranormal stuff can get to my head sometimes,” Agent Powers mumbled.

He was trying his best to come up with some funny comment, but humour still eluded him.

Mr. Plow/Agent Powers has returned to the PRIME UNIVERSE.


In a world of talking possums, an otter claiming to be a famous actor was not something completely out of the ordinary.

Agent Otterbatch had been given an equal amount of strange and doting looks–people questioning the existence of a talking otter, but simultaneously giving constant replies of, “Aww,” because he looked so darn cute. Such was the life.

The shapeshifter decided to take some of that fame for themself. They conked the otter with a blunt object, and placed the three-pronged device in his mouth. They were about to take the otter’s form when they heard a noise in the distance and decided to leave the body behind.

InnDEEEEED/Benedict Otterbatch has died. He was an Agent of Fringe Division (PARALLEL UNIVERSE vanilla town).

That noise was the attempt of one totally not evil Agent Brown, attempting to make another pair of unwitting federal agents cross boundaries never thought possible.

“So many people to choose from…let’s try Bizarro and that Link fellow. I bet they’d get a hoot out of seeing the other worlds.”

“Oh you want switch me with someone? Me no good for you?”

Agent Brown looked behind him and saw Bizarro, removing his hair to reveal a bald head.

“At last,” Agent Brown said. “I’ve finally come face to face with you.”

“Me know who you is. You no good guy.”

“But I’m not a bad guy, either. I keep telling everyone that I’m totally not evil.”

“Now you nothing.”

And with that, Agent Brown ceased to be.

Josephus Brown/Evil(?) Josephus has been erased from existence. He was William Bell (PARALLEL UNIVERSE special role, alignment-neutral).

“Bad man go bye-bye,” said Bizarro.

“I knew it!”

Bizarro turned around to find no one there. He turned back around to see a mysterious figure waiting for him.

“You shoot me? You bullets no hurt me.”

“No, but this will.” The mysterious figure pulled out a glowing blue rock.

“Nooo! Blue kryptonite!”

“Not so strong anymore, are ya, big guy?”

“Me strong! Me stronger than you! Time run out for humans. You be no mor–” Bizarro screamed as the mysterious figure put a bullet of blue kryptonite through him.

Jake/Bizarro has died. She was a PARALLEL UNIVERSE Observer.

Across both worlds, a tremor shook the ground. Fear grabbed the hearts of many, wondering if this was the last quake before it all ended.

And then, surprisingly, it suddenly became stable.

The remaining Observers knew this was a sign.

“This was not as originally prophesied, but the results were the same, nonetheless.”

In other words: eh, close enough.

With virtually half of the players remaining in the game, a bridge has been made to connect the Prime and Parallel Universes. The two ‘games’ are now one, and all remaining players shall participate in the same thread henceforth.

And with this, a pair separated by means unimaginable found themselves in each other’s arms at last. Strangers from both worlds started to become acquainted with each other, finding that perhaps they weren’t so different after all. And though most didn’t know it, one person became very vulnerable…


The remaining roles in the game:

8 Agents of Fringe Division (vanilla town)

1 Investigator

1 Vigilante

2 Lovers

3 Vanilla Wolves

1 Wolf Roleblocker

2 Observers

1 Special Role


Town wins when all scum are eliminated. Wolves and Observers win when their numbers are equal to/greater than all other factions combined. A wolf/Observer tie will result in an Observer win.

Ties will be determined by RNG. Whether that is following by Prime Universe rules or Parallel Universe rules will not be revealed, nor will it necessarily be constant.

Players are NOT allowed to EDIT COMMENTS or QUOTE DIRECTLY FROM QT’s. Failure to comply may result in a mod-kill.

Please be respectful to everyone (even if they are from another universe). Attack arguments, not people. This is just a game, and we’re all here to have a good time.


  1. Indy Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  2. Mr Plow
  3. Marlowe
  4. Tiff
  5. Hayes
  6. Moonstermash Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  7. Jude
  8. Lindsay
  9. April Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  10. Raven Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  11. Sic Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  12. Hoho Thomas Jerome Newton (wolf roleblocker)
  13. Grumproro
  14. Malthusc ZFT member (vanilla wolf)
  15. Emm
  16. Louie
  17. Nate
  18. Bones
  19. Dicentra Shapeshifter (vanilla wolf)
  20. Cop
  21. Sheleeta Walter Bishop (town doctor)
  22. Goat
  23. Beelzebot
  24. Ralph
  25. Sagitarriuskim
  26. Miss Rim Lincoln Lee (town investigator)
  27. Gramps
  28. Wasp Walternate (town jailer)
  29. Josephus William Bell (special role)
  30. Ivan Ichianus
  31. Owen Agent of Fringe Division (vanilla town)
  32. Jake Observer
  33. Adam Farrar Observer
  34. Snugs Shapeshifter (vanilla wolf)
  35. Narrowstrife Charlie Francis (town vigilante)
  36. Warrior


Twilight will be on Monday, April 19 at 8 PM MDT/4 AM CEDT.