Svengoolie Discussion Thread 4/17/2021: The Crawling Eye

Also known as The Trollenberg Terror, here’s Wikipedia’s summary of tonight’s movie…

“The Trollenberg Terror’s storyline concerns United Nations troubleshooter Alan Brooks, later joined by journalist Philip Truscott, investigating unusual accidents occurring in the area of a resort hotel on (the fictional) Mount Trollenberg in Switzerland. Brooks suspects these deaths are related to a series of similar incidents that occurred three years earlier in the Andes Mountains, which involved an unexplained radioactive mist and an odd cloud formation believed by locals to be inhabited.”

That’s right, it’s apparently Radioactive Mist Month on Svengoolie!

Movie Poster

Want to watch along with us? MeTV unfortunately doesn’t offer streaming, but depending on where you live you might be able to stream it via Locast, which offers free streaming of over-the-air channels in 30+ US media markets. And this week there’s another option – the MST3K version of this movie is available free on YouTube via Shout Factory’s channel! It won’t sync up with Svengoolie because it doesn’t have the same commercial breaks, but it’s something at least.