Jeopardy! recap for Tue., Apr. 13

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Erick, a pastor, works with pastors who speak different languages;
  • Norah, a meeting planner, sold toys to a U.S. Grant impersonator; and
  • Dennis, a biotech project manager, was almost named Studley. Dennis is a two-day champ with winnings of $48,400.

Dennis was in control early, then Erick got rolling late in round one and kept the momentum going, leading into FJ with $18,200 vs. $16,800 for Dennis and $13,600 for Norah.

DD1 (video) – $600 – WESTERN U.S. CITIES – (Pictured is a blue lake backed by snow-covered mountains) Take the 580 from Reno to the 431 and you’ll see the majesty that is this body of water (Dennis won $1,200 from his total of $2,400.)

DD2 – $1,200 – ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES – It’s an umbrella-shaped mushroom (Norah moved to a closer third by winning $2,000 on a true DD.)

DD3 – $1,200 – WAILS – This synonym for a mournful cry is the title of a landmark beat poem from 1956 (Norah moved narrowly into second after winning $4,000 from her score of $9,600 vs. $18,200 for Erick.)

FJ – ASTRONOMY – As Huygens observed in 1656, a weapon in this constellation contains a nebula, one of a few that can be seen with the naked eye

Only Erick was correct on FJ, adding just $2,800 to win with $21,000. Perhaps Erick didn’t like the category, because as it played out, he needed both of his opponents to miss to win, and with the small wager, would have taken the victory even if he had missed.

Clue selection and wagering strategy: Again it was top-down play with DD3 still on the board. DD3 eventually fell to Norah, who had a great chance to jump from last to first with two other clues remaining. But she chose to bet just $4,000, and as a result remained in third for FJ, which is the time she decided to bet big.

Football follies: Another Jeopardy! viral moment courtesy of the gridiron sport, as no one guessed the dominant midwestern football team of the 1960s, the Green Bay Packers, despite Aaron Rodgers standing right in front of them.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Lake Tahoe? DD2 – What is toadstool? DD3 – What is howl? FJ – What is Orion?