When Leadership Looks Like America – Wednesday Politics Thread

Today happens to be the 7th day of April and Joe Biden has been sworn into office 77 days ago. Let us then speak of success, good luck, and heading in the right direction.

Despite all past pessimism, the Biden-Harris Administration seems to be steering quite skillfully the very complex and multi-levered monstrous ship further and further away from destruction and totalitarianism. With an efficient balance between executive orders and signing a historical $1.9 Trillion stimulus bill, The American Rescue Plan, the effects are already easing away the burdens of uncertainty and economic depression.

The new leadership at the helm is by now clearly governing with the particular mindset intent on centering the needs of those suffering the most, on giving primary attention to rebuilding stronger safety nets that lift more people out of poverty and into a reinvigorated Middle Class while ensuring a lasting positive effect for decades to come, and most importantly, a leadership intent on purposely leaving behind all ideologies of white supremacy, toxic masculinity, and its harmful legacy of trickle-down economics meant to only empower the rich.

Onward then to the next steps of this rebuilding of a new, better, more humane America, deeply rooted in principles that seek to help the people instead of profiting off their misery.

From rebuilding roads, schools, and veteran facilities, to tackling unsafe drinking water, to repairing and improving essential services and child care, to significantly investing in green infrastructures and energy transformation, to creating over 15 million jobs with an estimate 75% going to workers with no more than a high school diploma while the rest would require an associate’s degree or higher, to speaking a new progressive language that defines essentials such as broadband, The American Jobs Plan is staggering in its reach, and not just population wise, but in its projected growth for the next half century with the objective of out-competing China.

How’s that looking forward to a much brighter and promising future, America!

To an outsider looking in, the most surprising and notable change isn’t about the effectiveness of good and sound legislation drafted in specific ways to first and foremost help the bottom 60%, but rather how it is surprisingly influencing and slowly altering the mindset of those who have gotten too deeply steeped, and conned, into extreme ideologies promoting the weirdest conspiracy theories, anti-science, and unhinged gossip-mongering.

Not only is Joe Biden more popular with broad unifying bipartisan support on his leadership, his handling of the Covid-19 response, his American Rescue Plan, and his proposed American Jobs Plan (including corporate tax hikes), he is also showing that a change in administration, elevating the right people and vehiculating the right ideology is clearly increasing the embrace of facts, of science, of comprehensive tax and gun legislation, while decreasing the interest in Qanon fabulations and other dangerous extremism, and most notably, easing their grasp on the Republican base. We are now seeing more stories revealing the lies behind Qanon instead of feeding them and giving them legitimacy while social media is daring more and more to ban from its platforms white supremacists, anti-vaxxers, and other outrage merchants peddling lies with the goal to purposely disinform. We are also watching in real time how a conciliatory unifying tone rejecting extremist rhetoric can actually affect meaningful and lasting Progress. And isn’t that the most surprising thing of all:

What can be misinterpreted as slow, incremental change is in reality strategically crafted significant Progress affecting the most hardened and pessimistic perceptions by making sure to not widen the berth of inequalities and therefore leaving the most marginalized behind, but to instead crucially level the playing field on all matters of Civil Rights, Women’s Rights, and LGBTQA+ Rights in lasting norms that steer firmly away from the grasps of fascism. Have a great Wednesday everyone!