30 Day SF & Fantasy Challenge Day 7: Your Favorite Utopia

The month of April is going to be our focus on science fiction and fantasy as we move through the various realms of novels, film and TV, games, and more. We’re going to start off with a few baseline things though to get the discussion going with the big fields and then dig into some of the quirkier things.

After delving into the dystopias yesterday, which are pretty widely used in media, today we’re going to look at some utopian stories and the ones that are your favorites. These aren’t always so cut and dried, such as things like Childhood’s End, with what it wants to say and utopian certainly doesn’t mean happy and upbeat all the time. I had cut my teeth at a “young” age in high school by really getting into The Republic by Plato and that influenced a lot of things for me in general terms. The one that fascinated me the most, I think was 3001 however for novels while on the film side I’m halfway toward Logan’s Run if not for the age thing. Otherwise Her is where I land.

Bonus Question: Which one would you absolutely not want to live in?