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Tuesday’s Politics thread has insomnia

Things might get weird. Or not, we’ll see. It’s 4:15 AM right now, and for reasons unknown, I can’t sleep. And I forgot to do this, so maybe I’ll sleep after I finish this.

First up, I posted this last night, but wanted to put it out there again for all to see. It looks like there may be an HIV vaccine on the horizon based off of the Moderna COVID vaccine. This would be so amazing.

Joe Manchin continues to play his centrist card pretty hard. While I’m concerned I’m also kind of not? Maybe it’s the insomnia talking here, but I kind of see him as our Jeff Flake. Former AZ GOP Sen. Flake made a huge deal about how he wasn’t a Tr*mp Republican, and he was his own man, then he voted with The Other Idiots for The Big Idiot’s stuff over 90% of the time. This will be true I guess until it isn’t. As long as he talks a big game, but continues to toe the line, it’s all good.

Tons of other stuff going on out there. New Zealand and Australia have agreed to have a “travel bubble.” God, I remember traveling. It was fun.

I don’t know what else is going on out there. It’s been about a half an hour. Maybe I can sleep now. Be kind to each other, don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel. Get vaccinated when you can, keep wearing your mask anyway though, look both ways before crossing the street. Hold on to hope, keep your feet and hands inside the ride at all times.