Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (4/6)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place at the Avocado to discuss film with your fellow commenters!

Today’s bonus prompt: what is your favorite power walk?

TV Tropes describes it thusly: “The Power Walk is a wide shot of the main cast, shoulder to shoulder, suited up for battle and looking cool/determined/fierce as they walk towards the camera and often in slow motion. The Power Walk is mostly used in order to convey the unity of the group, as they walk in an orderly fashion in a single line. Traditionally the characters are ordered in their importance in the party, the most important in the middle and decreasing outwards.”

The most infamous one is from The Right Stuff. Our group of astronauts saunter down a corridor as the music swells. This scene has been referenced in Armageddon, Apollo 13, and Monsters Inc.The movie didn’t invent the power walk. As you can imagine, heroes walking side by side in a triumphant show of unity has been a staple of Westerns such as The Magnificent Seven. It makes you wonder: did the Earps invent the power walk?

For my money, though, the best power walk is the one from Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Lucy Liu and her Crazy 88 posse saunter through the corridors of The House of Blue Leaves in slow-mo to “Battle Without Honor or Humanity.” Kill Bill has the most cohesive sound of Tarantino’s eclectic choices. O-Ren Ishii at one point flashes a cold stare directly at the viewer. We get a quick zoom of all the members looking like they’re ready to slit your throat. We don’t look much about them, except that they look like the epitome of coolness. The scene is perfect.

Next week: 2001 in film