The Avocado JAMS! prepares to get jabbed

Originally I had planned to write a bit about music theory or something else somewhat dry and probably uninspiring, but I’m getting my first shot today and have been thinking about how Covid has affected the entire music industry. I was looking at a magazine that came out right before the pandemic, and it’s a drag to see all the tours that were cancelled. On the other hand, a lot of artists have used the lockdown time to create their pandemic albums and to revisit some projects that had been sitting on the back burner.

My guitar teacher had planned to go out on tour in 2020, obviously he had to cancel everything so I’ve benefitted from all the extra time that I’ve had with him. On the other hand, my on-and-off-again project with a friend from grade school had to be put on pause until this pandemic thing got sorted out. I don’t know when I’ll feel comfortable enough to set foot in a rehearsal studio again, but I know that touring artists like my teacher are excited at the prospect of getting back out there.

So how has Covid affected your music? Did you have to scrap plans for that world tour? Or have you spent the past year perfecting your epic shoegaze/Tuvan throat singing/grindcore concept album? Do you think things will ever return to whatever the hell was even normal?

Or feel free to write about something else, including your efforts at the first Avocado JAMS! Song Writing Challenge! I figure that I’ll be about 80% immunized by the end of the challenge, so this might be the last chance to write my own epic Covid masterpiece…

Photo by Tuur Tisseghem from Pexels