AVCAD: After Dark: Dark Shadows (4/5 Night Thread is an old rerun)

(I did not write this but I find it an incredibly fascinating time capsule of five years ago– Lylith)


Hulk Hogan is gonna see Gawker, not at Summer Slam, but in court! You better believe, it brother! He’s suing Gawker over the sex tape he made with the wife of Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. Jesus. Prepare your wrestling puns in advance.


Dark Tower is supposedly going to actually be a movie. Still not going to read book 5. But I do look forward to eventually using it as the backdrop for an After Dark After Dark header image! Really, does anyone think this actually gets made? No chance, right?

A hockey player for the New York Rangers helped a kid get a prom date. Upping the ante for “Promposals” everywhere. Maybe? I dunno. I can’t believe that this is still a thing. Between that and everyone asking every celebrity on Twitter to be their prom date, I think proms are just about doin’ it for the gram these days instead of about doin’ it. Like God intended.


I’ve been playing WAY too much Farcry Primal last night and tonight. It looks GORGEOUS.


That’s an actual screenshot from my computer. I’ve mostly been taming animals. I like running around with a rare Dhole because when he eventually screws up, I can yell, “COME ON D HOLE!” and it makes me chuckle. He is useless in almost every other way, though. The bear, on the other hand, is an absolute murder machine.


This is your Late Night Open thread for March 1st, 2016. April 5, 2021. Make it count!