The Day Thread of Jesus Christ Superstar (04/04)

Since it’s Easter it is time for me to watch (or listen to) Jesus Christ Superstar again. By which I specifically mean the 1973 film adaptation. There have been a LOT of versions over the years, but for me nothing will beat Carl Anderson’s portrayal as Judas, and Ted Neeley’s as Jesus.

If you’ve never seen it, I hope this video will convince you to do so. If you have, just watch it again because Ted Neeley is the best in this. I don’t want to proselytize too much, but Neeley fully captures every stage of grief that’s needed for the song, and it’s just so powerful.

(Full disclosure: I almost wanted to use the “Whyyyyy” compilation where Lin-Manuel Miranda does… not well, but I just love this song so much that I had to be sincere for once)

Happe Easter, Avocados! And to those who don’t celebrate it, happy Sunday!