Let’s Talk Arrowverse – Supergirl Returns … Then Vanishes Again

If I’m being honest, until now I’ve been lukewarm on this season of the Arrowverse. Partly that’s because my two favorite Arrowverse series are Arrow (which is no longer with us) and Legends of Tomorrow (which won’t be back till May). But it’s also because this has been a pretty dark and dour season so far.

Batwoman and Black Lightning have been their usual grim ‘n’ gritty selves. Superman & Lois has established its own, unique brand of somber storytelling. And The Flash has been wrapped up in a string of things-just-keep-getting-worse moments leading up to the Mirror Monarch climax, and then had an ep dealing with the trauma that storyline left behind.

Hasn’t been super fun happy times, is what I’m saying.

But that’s all changed! Not only did we have a Flash ep that was a good, back-to-basics adventure full of wild ideas and a triumphant defeat of villainy, but we also had the return of Supergirl, doing everything it couldn’t get around to in last year’s de facto season finale. That means an ep that’s pretty much non-stop action, with fight scene on top of fight scene, ridiculous plan on top of ridiculous plan, and more wild plot turns than you could shake a stick at.

These two coming out on the same night, it was just the shot of fun energy this season needed!

On a completely different note: Batwoman.

There’s a lot that went down in this ep that I could talk about, but I’m gonna focus on just one thing: why’s no one unmask Batwoman when they have the chance?

Last week, I understood Safiyah not bothering to unmask a captive Batwoman, because, why would she care? And this week, maybe I can buy Black Mask not pulling back the cowl, since he was going to kill her anyway (and may or may not have some weird obsession with masks). But did you notice how, after last week’s cliffhanger, this episode picked up with all our main characters safely home in Gotham, skipping over the trip back from Coryana?

That’s because the only feasible way Ryan could have gotten off the island was hitching a ride with Sophie and Jacob. And how, in any possible scenario, does Jacob Kane spend a several hours on an airplane with a barely conscious Batwoman and not unmask the vigilante he’s been so doggedly pursuing? There’s really no way to justify that, so this ep just jumps ahead to after they’ve all returned, and hopes no one questions how that plane ride must have gone.

Question of the Week: Who handled “we’re doing last season’s finale early in this season” better, Supergirl or The Flash?