Werewolves 149: Friday the 13th Signups!



Michael row the boat ashore, hallelujah!

Welcome, Campers, to beautiful Aroo Lake! We have so many fun and exciting plans for you this Summer!

Michael row the boat ashore, hallelujah!

Archery! Canoeing! Nature walks! Bonfire sing-a-longs! All of your most favorite Summer activities in one place stretched over a single week!

Sister help to trim the sails, hallelujah!

Our staff here at Camp Aroo Lake is the finest and most attentive in the land! From our Head Counselor, who has an eagle’s eye, to our Nurse, with a loving healing touch, to our Counselors, who sure know how to have a wholesome good time!

Sister help to trim the sails, hallelujah!

You’ll learn new things about yourself and make life long friends! You’ll wake up early in the morning to Nature’s beauty and stay up long into the evening sharing spooky ghost stories! There’ll be delicious fresh fruits and juices for breakfast, crunchy granola and snacks for lunch, hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, and ooey gooey S’Mores for dessert!

Jordan’s river is deep and wide, hallelujah!

We simply can’t wait for you all to arrive and share in all of the fun and educational good times! So pack your things, roll up your sleeping bags, and get on the bus to Camp Aroo Lake! We’re dying to meet you!

And I’ve got a home on the other side, hallelujah!

Welcome to Werewolves 149: Friday the 13th!


Head Counselor: Each Night will pick a Player to investigate. Returns as Camper/ Not a Camper.

Nurse: Each night will choose a Player to heal. Cannot choose themselves nor the same Player on consecutive Nights.

Alice: Each Night will select a Player to attack. If Mrs. Voorhees is selected then the game ends and Town wins. If a non-Mrs. Voorhees player is selected there is no effect.

Crazy Ralph: Each Night will select a Player to have a QT conversation with, via the Mod (me!), which will consist of three messages apiece. No names will be exchanged.

Jason: If targeted to die, whether through Day Kill or Party Hearty Counselors, Mrs. Voorhees will be activated. Jason won’t go to the Graveyard but instead will join Mrs. Voorhees in a private QT.

Mrs. Voorhees: Player is RNGed along with the rest of the Roles at the beginning of the game. If Jason dies they become an active SK and will join Jason in a private QT. Their kills will begin the following Day and will be RNGed between Day and Night kills. If they target and kill all three Party Hearty Counselors they win and the game ends.

Party Hearty Counselors: Three Counselors who will share a private QT and who, through their inattentiveness, kill a selected Player each Night. One Counselor will be The Lookout and will choose a Player each night to see if they have a Night Action.

Campers: Just there to have a fun Summer! And survive doing it…


1) Goat

2) jake

3) Louie

4) Cop on the Edge-ish

5) Jude

6) April

7) emm

8) Indy

9) Narrowstrife

10) Nate

11) raven

12) Ralph

13) Marlowe

14) Side Character

15) Dicentra

16) sic

17) Beelzebot

18) Lamb

19) Video

20) Lindsay

21) Hayes, the Final Person!


1) Wasp

2) Grumos


Required at least three comments per Day or potential Mod Kill.

-No editing of posts without permission.

-No quoting from QTs without permission.

-Ties at Twilight will be RNGed.

-Attack Players, not ideas. Wait, no, the other way around!

-Have fun!

I’m looking to keep this game smallish with 16-20 Players but can expand as needed. I can’t wait for y’all to join me on this new adventure!

<3 hoho