Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Mar. 29

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Bryce, a medical student, has a useful toy giraffe;
  • Cyndi, a forensic evaluator, attended a previously all-male high school; and
  • Susan, an Arabic translator, works on legal and business documents. Susan is a one-day champ with winnings of $35,600.

After dropping to $0 on DD1, Bryce had a very strong DJ, quickly taking command and holding the lead into FJ at $15,400 vs. $13,800 for Susan and $6,400 for Cyndi.

DD1 – $800 – GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS – As tires weren’t colored black until 1912, Bibendum, the now-123-year-old mascot of this company, is white (Bryce lost $3,600 on a true DD.)

DD2 – $1,600 – THE NOBEL PRIZE IN PHYSICS – Karl Ferdinand Braun & this man took the 1909 prize for the development of wireless telegraphy (Starting with $200 on the first clue of DJ, Bryce won the table limit of $2,000.)

DD3 – $1,200 – THEY LIVED TO 100 – The mother of a president; her maiden name was Fitzgerald (Susan won $4,000 from her score of $5,000 vs. $10,200 for Bryce.)

FJ – AUTHORS: BOOK TO SCREEN – Horrified by the 1964 movie musical from her work, she okayed a U.K. stage version as long as “no Americans” were involved

Bryce and Cyndi were correct on FJ, with Bryce adding $13,000 to win with $28,400.

Wagering strategy: With her bet of $5,000 on FJ, Susan opened the door to be passed by Cyndi. The percentage play would have been to wager less than $1,000 to lock Cyndi out and hope to win if Bryce missed FJ.

That’s before our time: Depressingly, no one could name the “Sunshine Boys” star and “Good night, Gracie” comedian who lived to age 100, George Burns.

Correct Qs: DD1 – What is Michelin? DD2 – Who was Marconi? DD3 – Who was Rose Kennedy? FJ – Who was Travers?