What’s For Breakfast? Sunday Food Thread 3/28

Common wisdom (and the Australian state of Victoria) says that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For me it’s definitely one of my favorite meals but also the one I often end up cutting corners and shoveling a bowl of cereal into me. Mostly because when I first get out of bed I don’t feel like getting right to work in the kitchen and by the time I’m ready to start cooking I’m too hungry to be patient. Then I end up with either cereal or toast. I even bookmarked this browned butter waffle recipe that I can’t remember who posted it a few months back thinking if I get it started the night before I’ll be more motivated to start cooking while the coffee’s brewing, so far nothing doing.

What are your thoughts on breakfast? Is it a great feast or a necessary routine? Show us some favorite recipes/meals. And of course brunch can definitely be included here.