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The Friday Politics Thread Celebrates

Hey Politicadoes! Today we are celebrating! Because today RoRo turns 2! This may not seem very political, but it is.

As many of you know, RoRo is a product of 21st century genetic engineering. The kind that some states are trying, even now, to make illegal. But that didn’t happen, because we were lucky enough to live in a state with a government that wouldn’t do that. Likewise, we were blessed with a health care plan that allowed us to afford this option. Because Wifebaby was a teacher in a state with a strong UNION, that negotiated benefits for women that most other health plans don’t even consider. And RoRo is smart. Maybe because Wifebaby is a good teacher, and teachers deserve all the support in the world. RoRo needs strong public schools.

And we want RoRo to grow up and be whoever she wants to be. When she’s ready, she can pick her own pronouns, (Right now, she’s very partial to the 2nd person singular). And we’ll support whoever she wants to be and whatever she wants to do, so we need to make sure we keep voting for people who won’t take that choice away from her.

And we want her to make friends with everyone she meets. And we want all those people to be safe, no matter who they are, or what they look like. And we need their voices to be heard. And we want RoRo to be able to have all sorts of heroes, like when she demands to wear her “ruthbaderginsberg” shirt, or her “Kamala Harris shoes” – mini Converse Chuck Taylors.

And we want RoRo to have a better world than we have, and we want her to not have to worry about the things we worry about constantly. So we will continue to fight to make sure those wants come true. We want to make sure that the President she was born under is the worst president she will ever know.

So Happy Birthday to RoRo, who hopefully is the future of our country and our world.