The Day Thread Goes GaGa(Ga) Over Tokusatsu (3/25)

Greetings, everyone! The topic might make you assume that I’m going to recommend some tokusatsu – which is defined as a type of film production based around the use of certain special effects. Not exactly, but also yes.

2019’s Tokusatsu GaGaGa, based on a seinen (young adult men) comedy manga by Tanba Niwa.

Tokusatsu GaGaGa is a Japanese drama series about Kano Nakamura (played by Fûka Koshiba), a lady who works a pretty normal office job at a mid-level trading company. However, she also hides the supposed dark shame of being a “toku ota” (otherwise known as a “tokusatsu otaku”) while also being a grown adult. She’s always loved tokusatsu ever since she was a child, but the hobby has always been met with scorn from her mother, who wants Kano to become a more “normal’ woman in society.

The seven-episode series, based on a seinen (young adult men) comedy manga by Tanba Niwa, features Kano’s adventures as she attempts to balance her work life along with her personal life. Along the way she deals with her hobby-hating mother, her coworkers who must never know her secret life as a toku ota and much more while meeting new friends who also share her love of tokusatsu. And during all of this, maybe she will receive moral support from Shishileo, the leader of Storming Roarers Jushouwan!

What I think makes this show work is unlike many shows that focus on fandoms, Tokusatsu GaGaGa doesn’t immediately punch down. It’s a series that clearly appreciates/loves its subject matter and understands that those in the real world similar to Kano are people as well. It doesn’t instantly settle on gross assumptions. It is not a nostalgia show based on reference reference reference, like a Ready Player One. It has admiration and respect for its characters.

By the end of the first episode, you don’t find our main character pathetic, but rather a likable human who just has a hobby that’s considered childish. There is a fateful meeting on a bus with another lady, one holding a Toraiger keychain. And with that, Kano has perhaps found a friend – in fact, they go to a Jushouwan stage show and cheer the heroes on!

Her new friend says you can’t truly treasure this type of stage action just by taking pictures on your phone…

The series is fully translated over at Big Nova Subs – I really do think it’s worth a try for anyone interested in the premise above.

Enjoy the day thread and have a great rest of your day!