Fox Animation Domination Week 17 Reviews (The Simpsons 700th episode, Bob’s Burgers, Bless the Harts, The Great North)

My reviews (in video format this week only) on Week 17 of the bundle of Fox Animation episodes, including an in-depth review and recap of the 700th special MILESTONE episode of the Simpsons. Marge tells a Christmas story to the kids of how Homer got kicked out of the house during the holidays in the milestone 700th episode “Manger Things”, Linda gets arrested for defecation in “Sheshank Redumption”, Wayne takes care of Violet and Betty flirts for a strip club owner in “Nose Bud”, and Honeybee tries to clear Beef’s name and Judy works on a school mural in “Period Piece Adventure”. No new Family Guy this week!

It is with heavy heart that I apologize for not writing them out this week. I usually make a video and write them out every week, but I did have two exams that I just finished and they were HARD! So just this week you’ll be given them solely in a video I made! I hope you like it! I really try my best to make these fun and enjoyable!

What did you think about this week’s fun lot of episodes?