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Hello all, Sheleeta here, getting the hang of this here WordPress thing. Except for, you know, my NAME, which it will not let me change. It knows my nickname, but whatever, y’all just need to eventually remember this is me. Your Gal Tuesday.

As we approach nearly 25% of the US getting vaccinated, we can start to see life returning to normal. Unfortunately for us, “normal” means more mass shootings. As I’m writing this, a man in Boulder, CO opened fire in a grocery store yesterday. Details are still coming.

I tend to agree with Mr. Bentz above. I will not be shocked if I end up in an active shooter situation. This country folks, it breaks your heart. Over and over. Even when we’ve pushed as far as we can, mass shootings still happen and we don’t seem to be able to fix it. And every time another one happens, I get depressed about the futility. But what else is there to do but keep pushing forward and hope that one day we’ll be able to pass some decent laws?

Anybody remember this guy? Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens has announced he’s running for Roy Blunt’s seat. That should be an interesting race.

The GOP is losing their minds over it and are considering taking out attack ads in the primaries….which….letthemfight.gif, right?


Anyway, that’s all I can dig up on my brief perusal of headlines this evening. It’s time for dinner. I’m talking to you in the future from the past. Hope we all made it through the night. Everybody behave today, ok? Be kind, be gentle with yourselves, and hang in there! Vaccines are coming!