Comic Book Review – The Legend of Shang-Chi One-Shot

The Legend of Shang-Chi One-Shot

Writer – Alyssa Wong

Artist – Andie Tong

“The Equinox Blade”

Shang-Chi is summoned to London by MI-6 liaison Leiko for a mission of grave import – the British Museum recently acquired the Equinox Blade, a sword that drove its maker mad then consumed his soul. A security guard at the museum ended up in the hospital after encountering the weapon. The museum plans to sell the sword to a private buyer. Shang-Chi must steal the sword before it falls into the wrong hands.

Marvel Studios released its slate of movies in their next phase and one of them was Shang-Chi. The Master of the Martial Arts has seen his stock rise at Marvel Comics recently and he has gotten some well-deserved attention and a higher profile thanks to the big announcement. This one-shot is a good entry point into the world of Shang-Chi. The mission he embarks on seems simple enough until he runs into a villain trying to take the sword for themselves. The Equinox Blade is a great MacGuffin, but it seems a lot like the Soultaker blade Katana wields in the DC Universe. I would have liked to learn more backstory about the deadly weapon. Is it related to Black Knight’s Ebony Blade? Have other characters in the Marvel Universe wielded it at one time or another?

I enjoyed the action sequences and fight scenes between Shang-Chi and the villainess he encounters. The battle is fast, furious, and fluid and are brought to stunning realism by Tong and Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors. The battle will leave you breathless, so make sure you take a few minutes to get some air and finish the story before you pass out.

If you like what you read, there is a page at the end of the comic that touts the Legend of Shang-Chi miniseries that is currently available. I’m thinking of picking up the trade once the miniseries is finished. I’m sure once we get closer to the movie release date, Marvel Comics will release an ongoing series. In the meantime, I will definitely check out previous Shang-Chi collections to learn more about the hero.