Avocado Weekly Movie Thread (3/23)

Welcome to the Weekly Movie Thread, your place to discuss film with your fellow commenters!

This month, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fargo. This dark comedy about crime in the frozen North won directors Joel and Ethan Coen their first Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay. Frances MacDormand would also win for Best Female Actor. (MacDormand is also the wife of Joel Coen, so this was a big win for the entire family.)

The Coen Brothers output is varied, spanning from crime movies to comedies to Westerns and Depression Era period pieces. Yet there’s that unmistakable tone to a Coen Brothers film, one that you always expect going in. The wry, understated dialogue. The pregnant moments of silence. The eccentric characters.

Today’s bonus prompt is one that has probably been around since the internet was invented: What’s your favorite Coen Brothers movie?

Next week: comedy duos