30 Day Food & Drink Challenge Day 16: Let’s Talk Ice Cream Toppings

Let’s We’re kicking off our latest 30-day challenge with one that will dip into various areas of fandom over time but will also be a bit less geekish in general with our food and drink challenge.

We’re definitely changing gears after yesterday’s question to go from pizza to ice cream, but here we are, challenging your taste buds! As we talked about earlier with the specialty pints, today we’re talking about your more general ice cream that you get by the gallon or out at one of the shops. But we’re not talking about the ice cream specifically but rather what toppings are the best and with what combination!

I’m a huge fan of jimmies (or sprinkles if you’re from some weird place in the US), especially since I called the chimneys when I was young and cuter to the world. But jimmies in combination with some hot fudge on it, especially with a vanilla chocolate chip ice cream? That’s just heavenly on a hot summer day while lounging along the coast of York Beach in Maine.

Bonus question: What’s the worst topping you’ve tried? And don’t just default to pineapple!