Weekly Games Thread Faces the Boss

Hey everybody, Bones is back. Hope you’re well. What games are you playing and what do you think of them?

And also…I’m on the verge of beating Hollow Knight, only a week and a half after starting it. It seems like there’s been no in between for me as a newly minted Souls veteran, major boss fights in this game are either one shots who give me little to no trouble, or grinds on par with the Orphan of Kos. That’s not a complaint, I don’t think any of them are unfair or anything, and I was prepared for a steeper learning curve on this game given my lack of experience with 2D games and the struggles I had with Ori last fall. So what are your most memorable, ideally still positive, difficult boss experiences?

Oh hey, also Wolfman Jew’s excellent new article is on theme for this. Y’all should still check that out.