Jeopardy! recap for Mon., Mar. 15

Introducing today’s contestants:

  • Tom, a engineering manager, is a breadmaker, including focaccia;
  • Kathleen, a graduate student, got a “yes no note” from her future husband; and
  • Dave, a field applications scientist, was too noisy during a midnight dinner in Iceland. Dave is a two-day champ with winnings of $32,700.

Tom ended an outstanding round one with $13,000 and a big lead, and was able to hold off strong competition to keep first place into FJ at $21,400 vs. $15,600 for Dave and $9,400 for Kathleen.

DD1 – $1,000 – REAL-LIFE CARTOON CHARACTERS – This mystic continues to haunt the Romanovs from beyond the grave in the 1997 cartoon “Anastasia” (Tom won $4,000 from his leading score of $8,200.)

DD2 – $1,200 – A COLLEGE CONFERENCE CALL – Southern: this school was established in 1842 & combined with The Arsenal to form the South Carolina Military Academy (Kathleen won $3,000 from her total of $4,200 vs. $15,800 for Tom.)

DD3 – $800 – SPACED OUT – Term for the first stage of a rocket; it refers to the extra power needed during liftoff (Kathleen lost $3,000 from her score of $12,400 vs. $19,000 for Tom.)

FJ – FICTIONAL PLACES – Introduced to readers in 2008, its name comes from a Latin phrase for “bread and circuses”, offerings used to appease the masses

Everyone was correct on FJ. Tom added $10,000 to win with $31,400.

Triple Stumper of the day: No one knew the HBU in the Southwestern Athletic Conference that’s home of the Tigers is Grambling State.

Historical footnote: There was a clue about an early Bob Barker show that’s also the name of a New Mexico town, “Truth or Consequences”. In fact, the town is named after the show as the result of a contest.

Correct Qs: DD1 – Who was Rasputin? DD2 – What is The Citadel? DD3 – What is booster? FJ – What is Panem?