Werewolf 147 — Interstellar Pig: Day Two

23 September 1864

My brother’s strange behavior has borne fearful fruit in a way I could never have envisioned. Early this morning, just as the sun’s rays began to light the sea, we discovered a castaway drifting in the waters. He remains in a somnolent state; and, though our ministrations had appeared to offer him some refreshment, as evidenced by the improved tone of his complexion, which, on his being brought aboard, had displayed a morbid greenish pallor underneath the pitiless fiery blandishments of the sun but was now of a more sanguine, almost lavender hue, his physical condition was as yet too dangerously tenuous to allow us to attempt to wake him; and, instead, I had him taken with utmost care to my own cabin; and there I left my brother, my beloved, trusted, gentle Ethan, to tend to him as I went about my already sorely interrupted duties. I recalled Ethan’s obsession with the ugly trinket found but a few days ago, but he appeared calmer with it safely cached somewhere in his cabin, and I thought his paranoia an aberration, brought on perhaps by too much sun or too little fresh food. But then . . . I can scarcely write this I shake so . . . I found Ethan weeping like a babe over the murdered body of the invalid. Yet, it was not sorrow that transformed his eyes, but horror, horror of such depth that it was as though he looked not upon my countenance, but upon the countenance of some fiend of the pit. His first feeble utterance was, “It is the Devil, the Devil, he revealed his true nature to me, Tobias. I had to do it. It is the Devil.”

— Captain Latham’s Journal

14 March 2021

Barney awoke from a strange dream, feeling out of sorts. He’d dreamed of an alien planet covered in water, not like Earth with its pockets of land but water, water everywhere, as the Ancient Mariner said in that poem they’d read in school last spring. He’d seen . . . he’d seen . . . the details of the dream were fading already, but . . . a smiling girl — or, no! — a strange, undulating fungus atop the water, the “mayor” of this seaside town and a gilled . . . man? He couldn’t remember the rest. It was no surprise, he supposed, having played the strangely addictive Interstellar Pig game with the neighbors late into the night and then reading about the Captain’s description of the “leathery, greenish, reptilian hide” of his unfortunate rescue. Barney shook his head. Perhaps he’d go see what Manny, Joe, and Zena were doing today; perhaps they’d had enough sun and wanted to play the game.

malthusc is dead. They were Human (Vanilla Town).

side character is dead. They were a Lichen (Vanilla Wolf).

Meanwhile, another player clutches the Piggy, wondering when the timer will go off. . . .


1. hoho (space possum)
2. sic humor (Piggy from Lord of the Flies)
3. Flubba (MISTER PIG)
4. Jude (Judy Shepherd)
5. Nate (Spaceman Spiff)
6. Goat (Marvin the Martian)
7. malthusc (Mayor malthusc) — Vanilla Town
8. Hayes (Xena Morris) — Vanilla Town
9. Mac (Jake, a college professor from Louisiana)
10. Side Character (Mabel) — Vanilla Wolf
11. Sheleeta (Cat.gif)
12. anewholiday (the spinster Anya)
13. raven and rose (Phoebe Terese)
14. Indy (MacShini, *bawoar!*)
15. Narrowstrife (Milton Bradley)
16. emmelemm (Piggy Witless)
17. Ralph (Ralph Bassmaster)
18. Grumproro (Hotaru Tomoe)
19. Louie (John Crichton)
20. Lindsay (Wesley Crusher)
21. Lamb Dance (Anksyby the Piggy Bank)




13 Humans (Town)
— 10 Vanilla Town
— 1 Adrianna Latham (Cop)
— 2 Barney’s Parents (Lovers / Vig)

2 Lichen (Wolves)
— 1 Vanilla Wolf
— 1 Wolf Blocker

3 Single Aliens (SKs)
— 1 Zulma
— 1 Jrlb
— 1 Moyna

The Piggy (NPC)


Adrianna Latham (Town Cop) can investigate one player each Night. If not blocked, Adrianna learns whether that player is Vanilla or Not Vanilla.

Barney’s Parents are Town and share a QT until one of them dies, at which point the survivor becomes a Grief-Stricken Vigilante.

When the Wolf Blocker dies, another Wolf will inherit the role.

At Twilight, an environment will be chosen by RNG — trees, water, air, or Earth.

  • Zulma can kill in the trees and can’t be killed in the trees.
  • Jrlb can kill in the water and can’t be killed in the water.
  • Moyna can kill in the air and can’t be killed in the air.
  • Zulma, Jrlb, and Moyna can kill on Earth but can also be killed. On Earth nights, Zulma, Jrlb, and Moyna will hang out in their preferred ecosystem on Earth. Each other player will be RNG’d into the trees, water, or air on Earth. A night action will only go through if players are in the same environment on Earth.

The Piggy answers one private yes/no question during the day in QT to its holder (initial holder determined by RNG). The answer will be true but may not be the whole truth, and the Piggy might answer the question differently than asked. The holder of the Piggy must give it away to someone else before Twilight or die if it’s not the last day/night. If the person to whom they give it dies that night, they also die, and the new Piggy holder will be determined by RNG. Whoever holds the Piggy on the last day/night of the game will share the win.

Note some changes to the rules above (particularly the Earth environment). 

VT QT Message

You are Vanilla Town. The fate of Earth is in your hands. Too bad you only have an Interstellar Relative Sapience Code (IRSC) of 93.7! Good luck!

Day Two will end at 8:00pm CST on Monday, March 15th.