Avocado Night Thread

The New Mastersounds Night Thread (March 14, 2021)

Like a lot of bands I love, I discovered the New Mastersounds on a whim, picking up their debut record because I like the design of the cover. Ah, the glory days of simply browsing through jungles of music stores and nibbling on different leaves.

Keb Darge presents The New Mastersounds

Anyway, that’s how I was introduced to this jazz and funk band from Leeds in the United Kingdom, and they opened up a whole new funky world to a teenager who had only really known various rock beforehand. Pretty much instantly, from the first seconds of the first track, I was hooked.

Since then they have been ridiculously prolific, releasing over twenty albums including live recordings and remixes. I’ve never managed to see them in concert myself, though, as they seem to be entirely United States-based where they tour regularly (or at least, they did).

Take care of yourselves and have a funky night, Avocado!