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The Weekend Politics Thread is Reflecting

It’s been about a year since COVID-19 began disrupting our lives. We all know how it has affected our nation or world as a whole, but there’s a lot we can’t know about how it has been a particular pain in various careers.

I don’t have the time right now to write the world’s greatest header, but this is my attempt to make what I am doing worthwhile: Let’s all share a story of how our personal professions have been difficult throughout this last year.

For myself, I will say I work in a restaurant, and some people really want to take the pandemic seriously and some do not and want things to feel normal immediately. This means some people can expect you to be looking for them somewhere outside while they’re distracted by their radio or whatever while other people are glaring at you for their drinks. Some people don’t want anyone sitting next to them (for good reason) while some people don’t understand why they are being told to wait to be seated when there’s still an empty table (too close to someone else). Honestly, these are very minor examples of how this year can be difficult and I don’t even mean it as a complaint really. It’s late, and the point is people don’t think too heavily about how the events of this year might affect people working in jobs they don’t work in themselves. Honestly (again, jeez I say this so often I’m starting to not believe anything I say), this is a very poorly written argument about it because I’m tired and not on top of it. But it’s worth exploring: what aspects of your job have changed since the pandemic if you’ve continued to work?

Sorry for the really shitty header. But that’s no excuse not to obey the rules! Enjoy your weekend; be good to one another and we’ll all try to do better next week!