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Job Rants Thread – 3/12/2021 – Working From Home LIII: HCIF – Holy Crap, It’s Friday

Hey, all; Healthy Friday –

Yup, it’s Friday again and I…Honestly have no idea how it got here so fast. I’m serious; while I can remember a few things that happened, this week, I really don’t have any concept of what happened from Monday until now. Now, if we were living in a normal world, this would be great; being able to bypass the usual grief to get to fun part, But now? Now, it’s more spooky than anything. It’s like those stories you hear about people getting abducted by aliens and coming to missing a big chunk of time from their memory; except in this case, the aliens are really boring and lazy, and they just want to show you their vacation pictures.

…Please tell me I’m not the only one.

As ever, have a safe a productive rest of the day, safe trip home if out, and great weekend. And remember…Things. ANY things.