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Tuesday’s Politics thread is present and accounted for

Got into a HUGE political argument with my Trumpy (still) brother this weekend. He called me “willfully ignorant” because I refused to watch “No Safe Spaces” by Adam Corolla and Dennis Prager. Big “Debate MEEEE!” energy going on. I decided to spare myself the actual watching of it and went straight to the fight, do not pass go, do not collect $200.

I’m still in my feelings about it a bit. And some wine. Feeeeeelings and wiiiiiiiine.

Who else out there is dealing with RWNJ’s that are family? Isn’t it just fun? Isn’t it grand to deal with people completely divorced from reality who think you are also completely divorced from reality? Honestly, I spent half a day in bed about it on Sunday. Not just mourning the “death by slow cuts and pieces” of my relationship with my brother, but also for everyone else who thinks like this. God, how sad and scared and ANGRY they are over there. My heart aches for them, really. But I can’t do anything for them. I can’t do anything to help him, because it would take a team of therapists and a time machine. He’s a grown adult man, I can’t make him do anything. And I’m a grown adult adult woman, and we are related, really hard-headed, and inherited that from our father. I left the text chain with “Look, the one thing we can agree on is that we are both H______s.” We are our father’s children and not likely to change our minds.

Anyway, that’s why I always try to read posts here through rose-colored, well-intentioned glasses. Because I hope for and expect better from alla y’all. So no threatening Mayor McSquirrel, try to keep an eye on those clams, wear your masks, don’t pee on the seat, look both ways before crossing the street.