Comic Book Review – Morbius: Bond of Blood One-Shot

Morbius – Bond of Blood #1

Writer – Ralph Macchio

Artist – Tom Reilly

In this one-shot, Morbius the Living Vampire discovers his research assistant’s son, Christos Nikos, has days to live. The child is dying of a viral platelet disease and realizes the only one that can save him is Dr. Calvin Zabo aka Mr. Hyde! What will it take to get Dr. Zabo to help Morbius save an innocent life? Can Dr. Zabo be trusted? Can Morbius focus on the mission at hand or will his unquenchable thirst for blood derail his plans to save Christos?

When reviewing a final order cutoff email from Things From Another World, this comic caught my eye for two reasons: the first was that gorgeous cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli and the second was Marvel Comics Legend Ralph Macchio was writing this issue. Macchio was a cornerstone of Marvel Comics in the 70s and 80s and it has been forever since I saw his name on the credits of a comic book.

This comic does a great job recapping Morbius’ origin and filling in his history with Christos Nikos and his father, Emil. I enjoyed that Morbius must begrudgingly ask Dr. Zabo for help. Both worked on various projects together before they were transformed into their monstrous alter egos. Both men are geniuses in their field of study, but are very different otherwise: Morbius is remorseful having to hurt others to feed his hunger, while Mr. Hyde loves to hurt others just for the fun of it. Their alliance is shaky at best and if the pressure mounts and Christos can’t be saved, they may end up coming to blows with one another.

This one-shot is perfect for those that love Morbius since he first bared his fangs in Amazing Spider-Man and those that love horror and want to gain interest and understanding on the Living Vampire before his big screen debut with Jared Leto. Although many are disappointed that the movie has been delayed, there is a page in the back of the comic that features more collections and omnibuses of Morbius to help kill some time and become more educated on the Lethal Legion of Monsters member. I’m hoping the sales of the one-shot are good enough that we will get more one-shots between now and the movie’s release.