30 Day Food & Drink Challenge Day 8: Your Favorite Chip!

We’re kicking off our latest 30-day challenge with one that will dip into various areas of fandom over time but will also be a bit less geekish in general with our food and drink challenge.

One of my favorite snacks, depending on the situation, is the potato chip. Some people say that if you just sit at a table with a bowl of chips you won’t eat many because it’s a snacking while watching TV kind of combo addiction. These are not people who truly appreciate the chip! There are a lot of different types in general but today we want to know your favorite style of potato chip and your favorite brand of it – because that makes a difference!

I’m a huge fan of the ripple type chip and really prefer that over most overs to a large degree. I’ll usually go for my local market brand because they’re actually the best I have, but if not there’s a regional brand with Wachussett that I’ll grab every time.

Bonus question: What’s the worst kind of chip you’ve tried?