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Today’s Discussion – Superman and Lois

The new CW Series Superman and Lois is in its second week. The show has already been greenlit for a second season. I saw a comment in my Superman Red/Superman Blue Night Thread from our own Patrick Ryall that inspired me to come up with this week’s topic.

Lois and Superman’s relationship has been one of the longest we have seen in comic books. Lois and Clark were rivals at the Daily Planet. The Lois – Clark – Superman love triangle was a major plot point for years until Clark revealed his secret identity to Lois. They were engaged for a time before taking a break from one another. They would eventually patch things up, get married, and start a family.

Some discussion topics to get the chat rolling:

Why have Lois and Clark’s love for one another endured for so long, while other comic couples cant go the distance?

What are your favorite Lois/Clark/Superman moments from comics?

What is your favorite on-screen iteration of these beloved characters?

Discussion topics/subtreads of your choosing in the comments

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