30 Day Food & Drink Challenge Day 3: Your Favorite Fast Food Joint

We’re kicking off our latest 30-day challenge with one that will dip into various areas of fandom over time but will also be a bit less geekish in general with our food and drink challenge.

Sadly, being a kid growing up in the late 70s and early 80s, fast food has just been part and parcel of my life. It’s the kind of food you know you should grow out of and have no taste for once you hit a certain age. But there’s also the reality that if you just want something simple and quick, you don’t have a lot of choices, especially if you’re dealing with the drive-through lifestyle.

That said, I’m still a fan of the classic with the whole McDonalds Chicken Nuggets and fries combo. When those nuggets were introduced in my area way back when, when we didn’t even have a McDonald’s in town and were excited that one was coming, it was just a magical little box of fried goodness. And that taste sensation still triggers a nostalgia.

Bonus question: What’s the fast food joint that no longer exists that you miss the most? Or isn’t in your area any longer?

This one hurts because I used to have a Papa Gino’s just around the corner basically and it was the family go-to hangout spot for fast-food pizza and the like. Simple place, not stylish, but had its charm. They closed up a lot of their business in New England pre-pandemic and I’ve lamented the loss of a decent chain pizza place in the area. I like the mom and pop shops that are in town but none have the “come in and sit for awhile” feeling that Papa Gino’s did.