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Tuesday’s PT feels like crap

And that’s a good thing, as I type Monday night. I got my second round of the Moderna vaccine on Sunday, and Monday I felt like I had a pretty good case of the flu and that I took a baseball bat to my arm. It was a pretty dystopian experience, truth be told. We filed into our NFL stadium, there were hundreds of volunteers pointing the way, helping us park, telling us which way to go, when to cross the road. They were happy and waving and enthusiastic. It was a hopeful experience! I was emotional, and I know I wasn’t the only one.

And yet….we were filing in to an empty football stadium to line up for shots for a global pandemic, and I KNOW I’ve read that book before. You know?

I hope people share their experiences with the vaccine as they get it. I think it’s important to share info, just so we can all reach out and say “yeah, me too.” Connection seems extra important right now, and that really hit home for me as I walked out of the stadium with tears in my eyes and realized that was the most people I had been around in a year.

So be kind to each other, be gentle, know that everyone here tries to come with good intentions. Sometimes poorly executed. Don’t threaten Mayor McSquirrel. Sending this thread out with peace and light, even though I’m feeling flu-y, my clothes hurt, and I have a little bit of a fever.