The Avocado Sells Out

The Avocado Sells Out – February-ish Edition

Ok as usual, comment here or send a modmail ( if you are interested in taking on any of these.

We will link you up with the PR rep for interview/review copies/etc.

Still lots of music. I am thinking/hoping that movies start to come in soon as festivals start to ramp back up. As always, I know basically nothing about these artists so uh, yeah. Do your research I guess.

Marcus James & RYYZN – Warning Sign EP

Ilja Alexander’s ‘Berlin’ single

Russell Louder (they/them) single entitled ‘HOME’

Sean Healy’s ‘Drifting Around’ single

Wolf Saga self titled album

Cujo Moon single ‘ Watch You Shine’

Fifi Rong latest video to her single  ‘Another Me’


JOSH X new single “I MISS YOU”