The Friday Politics Thread Really Boils Your Potatoes

Hi Politicadoes. So maybe yesterday you noticed some nonsense about Potato Head gendering. Well, if not, it was pretty stupid. And when you think really stupid, you should think Laura Ingraham. Or CPAC, which is also this weekend. You can’t get much more stupid than that. You’d have to take the stupid and boil it over high heat to get a Balsamic Stupid Reduction. President Stupid himself is going to be there, to say something about how stupid he is. So it goes.

Locally, the Governor legalized weed, but I still have no idea how it’s going to be made available. But I plan on being a lot mellower later this year.

RoRo mask update: We have begun mask training. So far, so good. Certainly, as a toddler who likes to accessorize, she’s already excited about the possibilities. Llamas, dinosaurs, rainbows and cars have all been discussed. Politically, she now gets excited whenever NPR mentions Joe Biden. “Mommy, Joe Biden on Up First!” she will shout, and then go back to eating her breakfast.

Tips and strategies: Don’t say anything that would get Disqus shut down, like being violent. Respect each other. Do not engage in Hog Poggle this week, the ground is thawing. No Ben Garrison! No Ben Gazzara!