The Avocado Predicts the 2021 Golden Globes

Hello, Avocado! The “Oscar pool” is a common thing that nerds do when they want to win money because they can guess the tastes of Hollywood. Since the Oscar nominations haven’t come out yet, and my brother challenged me to predict all the Golden Globes winners, I wanted to do a Golden Globes pool, where we predict which studio sent the HFPA the most gold bricks.

I have attached a Google Form here where you can make your predictions! I will take your username, so that I can determine a winner, but I promise that I will not take your email or any contact information. On the first page of the form, you predict what you think will win a Golden Globe; all categories are required. On the second page, you choose what you think should win a Golden Globe; all categories are not required, because not everyone can pick a favorite out of every category (I certainly can’t for the TV ones).

Predicting will run from Wednesday evening, when this goes up, to Sunday afternoon at 5 PM EST. After that, I will stop taking predictions, and I will put a writeup of the winners up on Monday morning.

Come take your chance at honor and glory, and maybe some upvotes! Even if no one participates, I learned that Jared Leto’s character in The Little Things is named “Albert Sparma,” so it wasn’t a complete loss to make the survey.